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Know the Scent Of Your Own Sh*t

Self-knowledge is one of the most powerful skills to have.  It allows us to have a better grasp on things in life that just happens to be an aggravation for us.  For example: If a person is aware they have a low tolerance level for waiting on someone, they have the information required to redesign their reaction to a friend who is always late.  When hanging out with a habitual late friend one may want to secretly adjust the meeting time with this person.  If the meeting time is scheduled for 10:00 am the prompt person may not want to arrive until 10:15 am.

When you become angry or aggravated about something who do you blame? Do you blame not enough time, the situation or a person who may be involved? To be honest you are to blame. I know, I know, how can someone else “pissing you off or not being respectful of your time” be your fault? Well here’s how….. You are responsible for your own emotions. This is not to say that the actions of others, and or aggravating situations won’t initiate negative emotions.  To be honest, the emotion isn’t the problem; the excess time spent on an issue paired with negative emotional reactions is where the real problem lies.  The antidote is simply knowing the scent of your own sh*t.

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