Most people would agree that when a person has wronged someone he or she should render an apology. This very popular opinion, however, is not always the case.  To be quite frank, many times the offender will never apologize for whatever reason. Consider these reasons as a motivation to forgive even if you never receive an apology.

Forgiveness is not intended to release the offender its purpose is to free the offended. Oftentimes we believe if we forgive we are forgiving the hurtful act.  This is not true, forgiveness in many cases can be used as a tool to regain your mental power in an effort not to be held hostage by the issue.

It is very likely the offender(s) has moved on with his or her lives. This is especially true for close friends and or family members.  You may decide to go to a gathering and the person you have yet to receive an apology from is there.  This person is happy go lucky and you are standing there with the “stink face”.  You find yourself right back (however long ago) when the offense took place. You may find yourself angrier that this person has the nerve to act like nothing has happened.

The issue has robbed you of your valuable time, energy and peace of mind for far too long. I can remember being angry with many of my family members for most of my adult life.  The hurt, anger, and disappointment, were time, energy and mentally exhausting.  Before I knew it I was 30 years old still angry.  It wasn’t until I took the steps to be free by forgiveness that I was able to move on.

As it stands today, I’m a Master Emotional Wellness Coach helping others to and through the process of emotional wellness. One of the tools I created to help people obtain healthy emotions is the art of forgiveness.  If you are tired of being pissed off for the same OLD things let’s talk.  Click this link to book a session and your first 15 minutes are on me!