Social media, newspapers aids, news reporters, paparazzi, family, friends, associates and or enemy’s all have one thing in common, they share information. Now, the position we decide to take after we hear the stories isn’t always our decision.  This is most certainly true if you just so happen to be filled with unstable emotions.  Yup I said it, for every person who proclaims to “not be in their feelings” can often be caught one time or another in their feelings.  Hell this post has the ability to put you in your feelings, hopefully after you take a deeper dive you’ll have been open enough to have learned something.

Do me a favor and take a few moments to think about the worse and best thing you’ve heard over the past 7 days.  During your time of reflection keep in mind we’re talking about hearsay not an issue you actually witnessed. The probability of your emotion and or reaction being solely your own and not the inherited emotion of the deliverer is slim to none. This sounds crazy right? You may not want to believe it but here are three ways the feelings, thoughts and reaction of others are transferred and offer clear and concise instructions of how we are to feel about a situation.

The tone of the deliverer

  • The manor of which information is delivered has a great contribution on how you perceive and process it. There are key phrases that start the emotional exchange process when narrating stories. If a person were to start a story out like: “You ain’t gon believe this crap”, “OMG wait til I tell you this tea” “This (fill in the blank) had the nerve to say”, “I have GREAT news to tell you” etc.; it would be pretty difficult not to take on their emotions. You’d have to almost be a perfectly level headed person to dissect the factual message from the narrated version of the story especially if you are personally tied to the person(s) involved.

Reacting solely to emotions

  • There’s a saying “money makes the world go round” however, I beg to differ with this particular saying. In my opinion emotions makes the world go round. Emotions can and will be unpredictable if there is no reasoning element present when a person is reacting. It’d be a good practice to react to facts not feelings. If you read a message that says “LEARN TO LISTEN TO REASON” oppose to “Learn to listen to reason” and face the fact the message is exactly the same your emotion will be different than focusing on structure of the message. Don’t get me wrong, we all know that “ALL CAPS” is the yelling in written language. Try to consider this scenario; what if the person didn’t realize their phone/computer/tablet was on caps and sent the message in a hurry never even realizing they sent an “ALL CAPS” message.

The source of the of the information

  • Why listen to the messiest person you know? Why listen to people who always get the story wrong? Why listen to someone who has a known “hidden agenda”? Why? Even most educational institutions, be it grammar, middle, high, college, or even grad schools will offer the same advice [don’t use wiki sites for your work]. Why do you think this is? I’ll tell you why, oftentimes those sources are questionable. Same difference from personal contact sources, don’t make a fool of yourself due to someone’s un-reputable information and your unhealthy emotions.

So you see, the way you feel or react to situations should be your decision. If you allow someone the opportunity give you YOUR feelings you have loss control of your own emotions.  This happens to the best of us daily. It’s my job to teach you the practices and techniques to become the leader of your own emotions.  Ask me how by clicking the link below and receive your free 15 minute consultation.

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