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December 2017

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Selfishly add your name to these 3 lists

With Christmas upon you, if you’re anything like me, you’re probably more on the naughty list than the nice list. So I created my own list, remember this is a no judgment zone, lol. I want to share a few VIP lists you need to add yourself to. I want you to selfishly add your name to make sure you’re on the receiving end of gifts, growth, and development.


3 lists you want to make sure your name is on:

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Are You Financially Overextended? 3 Signs That Will Help You Make That Determination…

“Back in the days when I was young, I’m not a kid anymore. But some days I sit and wish I was a kid again…  I remember way back when.” – Ahmad

I have two questions for you…. Are you managing your debt? Or is your debt managing you?

We’ve all been stuck in a financial quicksand before.  You may not realize it at first because you’re sinking slowing and you have that robbing Peter to pay Paul mindset.  If that is your situation, you might be in a financial storm, but it’s never too late to get out of it.

Here are 3 signs that you might be overextending yourself financially.

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3 Ways to Activate a Positive State of Mind

In the world of which we live, unfortunately there are countless ways for us to have or enter into a negative emotional state.  Let’s think about this it for a second, even if life is wonderful for you right now, everything is working in your favor and life is looking up negativity can come .  As soon as you get out of bed there is potential for your emotions to be shifted to a negative place.  Imagine this; you decide you want to be dressed for the weather and you turn your local news station on, more than likely you will hear something disturbing.  This is just one of the many ways that negativity organically seeps into our minds.

Check out ways to activate a positive state of mind below.

  • Practice Gratitude. The only way (in my opinion) to open doors for new and bigger opportunities is to be grateful for the ones you already have. This is not to suggest you become comfortable or content with where you are at all. It’s a great thing to have the desire to do more. On the other hand however, one has to be careful not to sit in a seat of ungratefulness just because the desires of your heart are grand

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Selfishly Keep Your Business To Yourself

Be selfish when you start your business.

You’re all excited about starting a new business and bursting to tell your closest family and friends. I caution you to hold that to yourself for a little while. Everyone doesn’t need to know about it just yet. Why? Because you’re still unsure about if you can do it, you don’t have all the pieces put together yet, it’s still just an idea.

Since you’re still in the idea phase you don’t need anyone else in your ear creating additional doubt about your idea. You don’t need people telling you what you can’t do, how you won’t be able to start it, you don’t know what you’re doing or how to make it successful.

Not everyone will be supportive of your dreams. They won’t understand why you’d want the headache of owning your own business. They want to keep you right where you are, on the same level as them. If they don’t know just yet they won’t be able to talk you out of your dreams, because they’re too scared to live theirs.

Now I’m not saying you can’t ever tell them, I’m saying tell them when you’ve gone from idea to an actual plan. You working on your plan will boost your confidence and help you solidify your idea.

Here’s a couple tips to make this work.

  1. Work on your business idea in private. This is to get the thoughts, ideas, and ramblings out.
  2. Create a plan, I used my brainstorming to a business booklet. In it, I go over different areas of business that most first time entrepreneurs need to consider before taking that leap. Let’s be real, starting a business is more than just you posting your product or service on social media.
  3. Once you’ve got your idea together, don’t worry if you don’t have everything figured out. Most of it will come from you trying different things.
  4. Figure out the money part. Most forget about the money until they realize starting a business takes money, maybe not a lot if it’s online, but it does cost some.
  5. Now go do a test run to see if what you’re offering, people actually want.

I know when we get ideas we want to run and tell the world about them, hoping they’ll support. When we know they won’t. You may also be interested in sizzling hot delux. Don’t look to others to tell you what you’re capable of. You need to figure it out without the outside world projecting that negativity on you. Because let’s be honest, you’re probably doubting if this will work along the way. It may or may not. You don’t need people discouraging you before you can even see if the idea will even work.

If you’re interested in the journal click here. It’s a collection of prompts to get the ideas out of your head onto paper to help you piece this business puzzle together. It has prompts ranging from: you as the boss, what you want to offer, to who, and how, and with what money.