In the world of which we live, unfortunately there are countless ways for us to have or enter into a negative emotional state.  Let’s think about this it for a second, even if life is wonderful for you right now, everything is working in your favor and life is looking up negativity can come .  As soon as you get out of bed there is potential for your emotions to be shifted to a negative place.  Imagine this; you decide you want to be dressed for the weather and you turn your local news station on, more than likely you will hear something disturbing.  This is just one of the many ways that negativity organically seeps into our minds.

Check out ways to activate a positive state of mind below.

  • Practice Gratitude. The only way (in my opinion) to open doors for new and bigger opportunities is to be grateful for the ones you already have. This is not to suggest you become comfortable or content with where you are at all. It’s a great thing to have the desire to do more. On the other hand however, one has to be careful not to sit in a seat of ungratefulness just because the desires of your heart are grand

  • Identify Your Small Wins. BIG tuna with a tiny worm for bate. Take you tiny worms and keep catching and identifying small fish because if you collect enough small fish you’ll have the technique you need to catch your big tuna.
  • Reward Yourself. If life is only about the hustle and bustle you will (without even trying) build resentments. Everyone should have a self-rewarding system. This is not to say break the bank on accomplishing this goal, just a small reward that gives you satisfaction and gratification for doing all that you do. Something as simple as awarding yourself extra reading time, a longer bath time once a week, taking yourself for coffee, a manicure etc. It’s important to keep the little person on the inside of you happy as you are so much for so many other people.

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Until next time be dope and Activate Your Positive Mindset,