With Christmas upon you, if you’re anything like me, you’re probably more on the naughty list than the nice list. So I created my own list, remember this is a no judgment zone, lol. I want to share a few VIP lists you need to add yourself to. I want you to selfishly add your name to make sure you’re on the receiving end of gifts, growth, and development.


3 lists you want to make sure your name is on:

  1. Your own Christmas list. You’ve worked hard to give your kids and loved ones a great Christmas. You’ve given to charities and all that. But one person you haven’t splurged on is you. And I get it, it’s about the kids and spreading the love. But guess what, it goes deeper than that, you are worth it and need that love too. Probably more so, because you’re giving everything to everyone else. So grab your laptop and search for the perfect gift for yourself. This year I’ve got my eye on a pretty Smartwatch, I just want to make sure it functions with the iPhone in ways I need it to.


  1. Add yourself to someone’s coaching list. This could be business, emotional, or my favorite financial coaching. Get with someone you trust and get the advice or help you need. Leave the hurt, pain, or confusion behind. You owe it to you to start off the new year with peace and ease. Earlier this year I purchased business coaching sessions from Bianca from Cayden Cay Consulting and I’ve used them throughout the year for various needs and for her infamous help with my pitch. I’ve also worked with a coach to help me with getting back into the dating game and an emotional coach to help me understand my triggers with dealing with people and relationships. I’ve worked with business coaches to help with my branding and social media. Yes, I’ve done a lot of work on me, I’m trying to be the best version of me so I can be a better mother, future wife, and entrepreneur. Coaching also speeded my learning curve in half, I skipped all the research and went straight to the answers and implementation. If you’re ready to work on your money mindset, uncover your blocks, and create better spending habit, by using your business to fund your lifestyle, book a session with me HERE.


  1. Create a better me list. This is a list of books or classes for personal and professional development or just for pleasure. When you know better you do better. My grandfather who had less than a high school education always stressed that your knowledge and education is the only thing no one can take from you. Hence why I read over 300 books a year. Here are a couple books that were my favorite’s this year.
    1. She means business by Carrie Green
    2. Don’t settle for safe by Sarah Jakes Roberts
    3. The prayer of Jabez by Bruce Wilkinson (I read at least once a year)
    4. The dream giver by Bruce Wilkinson (I read once a year)
    5. Beautiful uncertainty by Mandy Hale (Definitely reading again next year)


So make sure you get add yourself to your own Christmas list, get on your favorite coaches list, and create your own personal development list. It’s time to get to a place of results and that includes being better to you.




Share what list you’re going to add yourself to this year in the comments below.