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January 2018

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Selfishly Push Yourself

Ladies, it’s almost the end of January and I want to know how you’re doing on your goals? If all you’ve done is write them down in your pretty notebook, I need to get pull it back out. You need to get clear on what goals you really are going to be committed to actually accomplishing. We all know about setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Result focused, and Time-bound) goals. But are you giving yourself too much time?

I had to push my goals into overdrive because I realized I would write my to-do list for the week, then do the majority of them Thursday & Friday. I have no clue what I was doing those other days, but it wasn’t productive and I was wasting time. Time, that I kept saying I didn’t have.

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Detrimental Denial

Some things we experience are just difficult to accept.  Life has the tenancy to (at times) slap the taste from your mouth (metaphorically speaking of course).  Acceptance can be tough, however, it isn’t mentally healthy to dwell in a constant state of disbelief.  At some point, your mental health requires a connection to reality.  In other words, prolonged denial is detrimental to self-growth and personal development.  Below I have outlined three things that are absolutely essential to avoiding detrimental denial.

Accept People: Accepting people for who they are can be a difficult task especially if the individuals happen to be loved ones. An attempt to reveal to an individual their unrealized potential can be compared to “beating a dead horse”. This is also true if a person has certain character traits that are not in alignment with yours. The two of you just may not be ethically compatible. These people may like to do things that you don’t like and you aren’t in agreement with. Heck, they may have done something to you on more than one occasion and you keep deciding to deal with them the SAME WAY (and then you get mad).There’s a saying “if a dog bites you once shame on it if the dog bites you twice shame on you”.  Know people for who they tell and show you they are.Continue reading

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Selfishly Take a Break

It’s the beginning of the year you have all your New Year New Me list, goals, and your tasks for the next 30 days, and you’re over it already. You’re so focused on staying committed to doing it this year, that you end up trying to do it all, ending up with nothing accomplished feeling exhausted.

One of the best pieces of advice my friend Bianca from The Bianca Experience gave me was “take and plan your breaks.” The first time she told me that, I rolled my eyes and gave her my whatever face. All I could think was, I’m the only person running my business if I take a break nothing will get done, literally.

But I needed that break because I was on the verge of burnout. I mean I was starting to hate working in my business, it was this all-consuming force that was taking everything from me and giving very little in return. That break allowed me to take a step back and come back even more focused.

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What You Should Know about Forgiveness

Forgiveness can sometimes be the topic that no one cares to discuss. This is especially true if you are expected to forgive someone who has hurt you deeply. One major issue with forgiveness is the fact that many people don’t seem to understand that it is a process. Oftentimes people have a tendency to look for immediate forgiveness. In the event a person apologizes for wronging or hurting someone, he or she has the expectation of and an immediate “okay I forgive you”. This is however an empty expectation because depending on how the wronged feels about the offence determines if the forgiveness is an immediate forgivable offence or not.

When thinking about the act of forgiving one should consider that to forgive does not imply the act is excused. Many times people confuse forgiveness and excusal and therefore make forgiveness a more difficult task. Countless articles and studies suggest that forgiveness is attributed to positive mental health.

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