It’s the beginning of the year you have all your New Year New Me list, goals, and your tasks for the next 30 days, and you’re over it already. You’re so focused on staying committed to doing it this year, that you end up trying to do it all, ending up with nothing accomplished feeling exhausted.

One of the best pieces of advice my friend Bianca from The Bianca Experience gave me was “take and plan your breaks.” The first time she told me that, I rolled my eyes and gave her my whatever face. All I could think was, I’m the only person running my business if I take a break nothing will get done, literally.

But I needed that break because I was on the verge of burnout. I mean I was starting to hate working in my business, it was this all-consuming force that was taking everything from me and giving very little in return. That break allowed me to take a step back and come back even more focused.

As women we naturally work until it’s done, forgoing eating, sleeping, sacrificing whatever is needed until it’s complete. Always hustling, grinding, and working sucks not just your energy but your creativity and drains you mentally. Not even coffee is helping you function at this point.

So to avoid this, take a break. You want to do this so you can give yourself rest and maybe even a bit of relaxation. You want to rejuvenate yourself, so you can come back like you never left.

The breaks don’t need to be vacations, they can be a 30 minutes before the transition between your 9-5 and 6-10 to help get you into the boss mindset, it can be taking a couple days off after a big project, or when you feel like it’s just not fun anymore, take a break.

Take time to selfishly use your break to refocus on what’s important, you being at your best.

Comment below, let me know how you take your breaks.