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Don’t quit your job before you’re ready

Don’t selfishly set yourself up for failure because you want to be an entrepreneur. I get it you hate your job, barely tolerate the people, and the money isn’t all that. So you want to quit it to follow your dream of finally starting your own business. But to quit without really assessing where you stand not just financially, but in your business is a selfish move. And not in a good way.

Bianca Robinson,  President of Cayden Cay Consulting tells the story of how “God told me to quit my job. But it wasn’t God, it was my ego. And the dumbest thing I could have done.” And now she encourages all of her clients to stay and work their 9-5, so it can fund their 6-10.

I totally agree with her. As someone who still does both, I can depend on my check regardless of how much I work. I can’t say the same for my business.

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