You are the only one who can live the incredible life ahead of you. But you have to go for it. You have to stop holding on to what he, she, and they said. They don’t want what’s best for you. They want to say the meanest and cruelest things they think you might believe so you can start doubting your greatness. Once that little bit of doubt is planted, they know you’ll start questioning your full potential.

We’ve all had situations where life has gotten the best of us and we’ve had to crawl back to the top. Now that you’re at the top, don’t be the one to make you slide back down.

Seek your own validation, qualifications, and self-worth.

When people tell me their opinions about what I can and can’t do, sometimes I ignore them because obviously, they’re a non-f’ing factor. Other times I tell them to “kiss my a$$” and prove them wrong.

I’m not waiting for anyone to tell me I’m great. I tell myself that in the mirror when I put my moisturizer on.

If this is hard for you I need you to do one thing:

  1. Get give yourself a positive affirmation that you can pep talk yourself into believing. As Jay Z says “Let me be great”. Here’s an affirmation from my Affirmations Journal, “I am becoming who I dreamed of being.” You can get your copy on So stop waiting for someone to tell you who you are, you tell them.

“You are capable of achieving everything you want, you just have to work and believe it.”  

Just in case you still are waiting for someone to tell you to be great. There you go. #KiToldMe