Every once in a while you need to get out of your day-to-day and escape into something that will actually benefit your future self.

I’m all for catching up on season 3 of whatever, watching the train wreck of the new series of ratchet tv, or being immersed into the characters in my beloved romance novels.

None of those make you or I better, well except maybe to think how grateful we are that we aren’t them. But what about being as addicted to doing things that are actually going to inspire, educate, empower, or help you to become a better person?

So I challenge you to do something to inspire you to selfishly improve yourself, here are my top 5.

1. Try something new. You know that thing you’ve been wanting to try but no one wants to go with you. Go anyway, you can be as confident or as awkward as you want because no one knows you there.

2. Network or meet new people. I do this in the form of business networking. Every couple months I push my introverted self into a social gathering of women from conferences to business events. I always get the why did I sign up for this right before it’s time to go, but afterward I’m so excited I went and met so many amazing women. That is until it’s time to do it again, lol.

3. Read a book on whatever you feel you lack. Knowledge is the most powerful weapon you will ever possess. Keep it loaded constantly.

4. Beautify yourself. You know that thing that makes you feel less confident, embrace it and use your other assets to help you gain your confidence. There simply isn’t anything I can’t accomplish with lipgloss and arched eyebrows.

5. Create affirmations or declaration to counter the negative thoughts that are stopping you from believing you can be a better version of you. My favorite affirmation is “I deserve it all because I’m willing to work my ass off to get it”.

So take some time and come up with a list of things that you want to do. Have fun with it, think of it as your Better Me Bucket List.

Comment below to let me know what you’re doing to selfishly improve yourself.

Make sure you grab your affirmation journals at www.TakishasTheory.com. Sometimes the best thing you can do to improve yourself is to simply believe that you can.