“Cash Rules Everything Around Me CREAM get the money… dollar, dollar bill y’all” – WuTang Clan

This statement holds a ring of truth… Cash is KING; however, CREDIT runs the world!

Have you ever asked yourself… What is my credit score? Why did I get denied for a loan? Why are my monthly payments so high?  You’re just lost in translation. At some point in life, you will want the answer to these questions and others concerning your financial well-being.  In order to answer these questions, you will first need to have clear understanding of what “credit” is.

In a nutshell, credit is an agreement that you enter into when you purchase something and then pay for it later.

A person with “good credit” has a history of paying for what they have purchased on-time, whereas a person with “challenged credit” has a less reliable record.

Keep in mind, it doesn’t take much to get into trouble with credit. A late payment here, a missed payment there, an account goes into collections, or even a season of overspending can lead to devastating effects to your credit and your credit score will suffer tremendously.  Trust me, I know first-hand.

My name is Alicia and I am a bad credit survivor.  Yes, that’s right…  I speak from personal experience, which I turned into my profession 11 years ago.

In order to get started on the journey to transform your credit, there are a few steps you must take:

  1. Set your mindset. Do not begin this expedition with stinkin’ thinkin’. You will sabotage yourself before you even get started. There may be a few minor setbacks, but always keep a positive attitude.
  2. Understand that you’re not alone. Statistics show that there are approximately 70 million that have credit problems. Some have minor issues and some have major credit issues. However, you are not alone!
  3. Recognize that this is a journey of 1,000 miles, and it all begins with the first step.

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Remember, cash is KING; however, CREDIT runs the world!