Generational curses aren’t solely spiritually based. When we think about this topic the word “Curse” makes this cliché pretty scary and depending on if you’re a bible thumper or not determines how you see the term.  I do believe there is some validity to spiritual generational curses. However, it is also my belief that because this term has been deemed “spiritual or religious” many miss the message in understanding Generational curses. I realize that when we’re born we are systematically molded into who we are and or how we should do things. For that reason, I have noted below just 3 of what I refer to as “environmental curses” that can cause us to have a delay in our personal-development. Take a look in an attempt to bring awareness to some of the issues that could be the reason for the hesitation in your personal-growth.

  • Appearance

Lately I’ve taken some time to really look into how my family was raised and I noticed that the women in the family and even the men aren’t the best dressed people.  We were only taught to be “neat and clean”.  I really hadn’t noticed that I was raised to be a very relaxed dressing person until I started feeling bad for wanting to wear makeup.  My aunt (who raised me) would always say “you aint gotta look like a clown everyday” (wear makeup) to look nice. She instead only instructed us to bathe twice a day and wear “clean draws”.

  • Ethics

Now this is a funny one because I use to believe we all were supposed to have the same ethics.  I thought it was a normal practice to hide money from your mate, love your children more than yourself, and have a silent fear of other cultures, especially white people because they can kill you and get away with it (well the last one seems to have some truth to it but that’s another story).  Truth is, many of the practices we learn are meant to teach us how to survive but really they incarcerate our aspirations.

  • Finances

I was never taught to pay bills in their entirety. My mother always made payments on utilities like it was a credit card and she was making her minimum payment for the month. Thus, causing me to behave to teach improper practices to my children that I am currently breaking.  I didn’t really realize this was a problem until I upgraded the people I was surrounded by and watch their budgeting habits.

Today there is way too much information available for us to stay bound by the false teachings of our past.  Am I saying that everything we learned in our upbringing was wrong? Absolutely not, however, we have to get to the place where we challenge some of our silent laws in an effort to expand as a person.

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Until next time survey your Generational (Environmental) curses and BE Dope!