If you’re thinking about starting your biz or have taken the leap of faith and hit the ground running, branding jargon may have you a little confused and wondering WTH! It seems like everyone’s throwing around the terms, brand and branding (and yes, there is a difference) brand identity, brand voice and so forth, but what do all these words even mean; continue reading to debunk their meanings    Brand This is the most confusing one, so we are starting here. Your brand is how people see you (or your biz). It’s what people say about your biz when’re you’re not around. Think of  it as your reputation. There are countless elements that go into your brand and cause people to think and feel certain ways about you.  Bottom line your brand is NOT your logo. 

Branding Branding is the action of developing, creating, or designing elements and strategies, in an effort to affect your brand (affect how people perceive you) in a positive way (or in whatever way you want). The act of you trying to manipulate and influence that opinion is branding. Think of some of your favorite businesses/companies – how did you form your opinion of them? Was it just one time you saw one thing about them? Nope…you formed an opinion about them based upon your overall experience with them (visuals, content, customer service, etc.).

Brand Voice Your brand voice is how you sound to others – in person, in emails, in blog posts, in tweets, on periscope, etc. You want this to be cohesive with the rest of your branding (yes, this is also a PART of your branding).  I, for example, try to always come across as the no nonsense bestie who tells it like it is, with love. Make sure you are using a voice that will attract the right kind of people for your business. Me and most of my clients, have ended up being friends by the end of working together. That’s what I strive for. So, I set the tone from day 1 that I am a lil crazy (but functional), down to earth, and friendly – but that I’ll also be transparently real and tell you what others shy away from saying. Real friends speak truth even when it may sting a little if the means justify the ends of helping their friend better themselves and achieve their goals

Brand Identity Sometimes this is referred to as your visual identity. THIS is where your brand visuals come into play. Your brand identity is your logo, your colors, your typography (font) choices, etc. It’s all the visual elements people see that represent your brand. This is where a lot of people are misinformed or get confused – because they think they just need an identity (worse yet, they just need a logo…).

Creating and scaling a successful brand requires you to have a strategic branding plan and to cohesively blend all your brand elements together. A lot of struggling entrepreneurs don’t even think about branding or they think branding is simply about picking out a slogan and a logo with pretty colors. That’s a mistake. Branding is much bigger than that. And branding is such an important part of a businesses’ success that serious business owners invest a lot of time and/or money into developing a solid brand. If you’re ready to build a clear and cohesive brand, attract your ideal clients and set yourself apart from the competition while garnering customer loyalty, click here to schedule a Strategy Session