Let’s start by defining glow up, according to Urban Dictionary, it’s to go from the bottom to the top to the point of disbelief; an incredible transformation. As we enter the second half of the year, I can’t help but reflect on what an amazing year this has been for me personally and professionally. Everyone that I’ve met this year has been making strides to truly glow up and make sure that those with them do as well.

But what happens when someone you want to glow up, doesn’t want the same thing?

Are you consistently pushing them to strive for greatness by your standards? Pushing them to want more because you see their potential? Frustrated because you know they have it in them, but they just won’t apply themselves.

So you end up frustrating you and them.

Then you start thinking, “everyone can’t go with you”, “you have to learn to cut people off”, etc. etc. But these are your expectations and your dreams for them. It’s different when they aren’t living up to their OWN goals and dreams.

So I’ve been thinking. Why do they have to glow up just because you did? Why are your expectations of them now predicated on what you’ve done and accomplished?
As Jay Z says “what you eat, won’t make me shit.”

Here is 1 simple way not to be selfish because you’re skyward bound.

  1. Worry about yourself. It’s cool to want to help others. But if they aren’t ready or willing to accept the help, don’t force what you want on them. Offer them the help, wisdom, or opportunities that you want, but be ok if they don’t do anything with it. After all, this is your opinion about what they should do and how they should glow up. Everyone has different levels of what happiness, love, success, security, and abundance are. Respect them where they are.

I’ve experienced this firsthand with my son. I want him to do the best and be the best, at everything. But some things he just doesn’t care about, so being the best isn’t a priority for him. You can also visit this site online mobile casinos. Now if you talk to him about video games, sports, and whatever else teenagers do, then he can tell you the in and outs, how to dominate, damn near the history of it. To me, 2K isn’t something I need to be proficient in, to him my lack of skills gets me the side eye.

So we agree, if I’m projecting my desire for success on him, he says ok, I’ll let you know. This way I’m not communicating words he doesn’t want to hear, repeatedly. Sometimes he comes back, like when he wanted to talk about how to budget money, a bank account and a debit card worked. Other times we let it go. But I accept him where he is. Because his dreams for his life are his and really the only ones that matter.

Are you forcing your friends to glow up like you and by your timeline?


Let me know in the comments.

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