Time waits for no man or a beautiful woman.

Do you guys remember when Aunt Maxine had everyone raving about reclaiming our time?

But what about reclaiming your dreams, reclaiming what you deserve, reclaiming the woman you want to be?

Are you ready to reclaim that? Or are you going to sit by in complacency stuck watching everyone else live their dreams? That’s not you. That’s not a part of the plan.

You need to selfishly fight for what you want and need.

Or will you be the speaking of reclaiming your time, while you continue wasting it staying the same, doing the same things, and being the same person? I didn’t think so.

Reclaim your life. I challenge you to reclaim you, your time, and what you deserve. Don’t be ok abandoning your time, your vision, your dreams.

Do these 3 things to reclaim you:

1.      Where are you spending the majority of your time? Is it on things you actually love to do?

2.      What are 3 things you’ve been saying you’ve wanted to do all year but still haven’t done yet?

3.      What are 3 characteristics that you feel would make you a better woman?

Now that you have an idea of things you want to reclaim, go do it. What do you need to do them? What can you really do now?

I’m reclaiming my personal glow up the remainder of the year. I’m working on becoming the best woman I can be. If you’re joining me on your own journey comment below, what you’re reclaiming. If you’re still unsure and need someone to help you work through the process of what you want, schedule your session now at www.TakishasTheory.com