I want you to promise me something. That today will be the last day you play it small.

That from this day forward you will dream big, live bigger, seek the biggest, and demand greatness in every aspect of your life. Envision your life and dreams until it seems so big it scares you. Remind yourself that you deserve the best and you’ll have it no other way. I want you to start seeking and living a life of excellence.

Envision yourself as if it already happened. As if you already have it. Live as if.

We’ve gotten to a place where we’re so used to playing small. People have killed our dreams since childhood. Imposing their limiting beliefs on us, so that now we believe them to be true. Utilize the rest of this year to seek growth for the woman you want to become.

Only you know what she looks like, how she carries herself, how she shows up, how she allows people to treat her, how she treats herself in these areas:

1. Relationships
2. Spirituality
3. Health and wellness
4. Finances
5. Career and business
6. Personal improvement
7. Self-care
8. Self-love (you know things just for you, just because)
9. Love and family
10. Fun and entertainment
11. Travel and experience new cultures
12. Appearance

Seek growth by experiencing new things, with new people, for the selfish new you. If you want to leave the comfort zone of who you used to be behind, then start thinking about who you want to become and be her. Don’t wait, start living as if you are that woman today. Then start doing the things she would do.

Stepping out of your comfort zone into the woman you want to be.  You know who and what you want, you just need help admitting it and believe it can happen. Don’t play with your future this year, book your session at www.TakishasTheory.com