If you’re starting or building an online business, it can be challenging not to get swept up in what other people are creating and doing. But it’s up to you to determine what matters to YOU. Based on where your business currently is and what you want to accomplish, choose a theme for the next 90 days. A theme is going to help you stay on track and have a successful 4th quarter . The point of choosing a theme is about leveraging the 80/20 rule which says that 80% of your results come from 20% of your actions. Choosing a theme will help you stay organized and focused and will also ensure that you’re focusing on things that are really going to matter in terms of moving your business forward. To break this down even further: make sure that your theme is related to one of the areas in business that are really going to move your business forward. Focus on money making activities:

  • List building
  • Content marketing + increasing your brand awareness/visibility
  • Collaborating + networking

Click here to download the 4th quarter planning sheet I created, it’s time to get to werk!

STEP 1: Choose a Power Word

If you could define yourself and/or how you want this quarter to be in one word, what would it be? This POWER WORD will remind yourself of just what’s possible this month. Once you choose your word, write it in the circle at the top of the following cheat sheet and for bonus points… save it as an alert in your phone as well. Every time you see this word throughout the month, it will be a direct reminder of what’s more than available to you this month.

Example Power Words: Capable, freedom, prosperous, driven, determined, maximize, up-level, worthy, etc.

 STEP 2: Set Your Goals

I like to focus on two key areas – visibility and income. Why? Be- cause if you’re not getting out there and visible in the online world, it’s going to be hard to increase your income. The two go hand in hand.

  1. Visibility Goal: People need to know who you are and what you do in order to join your 1:1 program, group program, mastermind, online course aka spend their coins with you. How are you going to get more visible this month? Write your monthly visibility goal on the planning sheet

Example Visibility Goals: – Building and growing my own Facebook group. – Growing my e-mail list by 300 subscribers.

  1. Income Goal: If you’re not making money, you are a charity, not a business at this point. Part of growing a successful biz is going to come from not being afraid to set income goals for yourself and creating a plan for where that money will be coming in from. Write your monthly income goal on the following cheat sheet.

Example Income Goals: – Work with 5 new clients. – Launch online course, with 15 new members. – Add 30 new members to my membership site.

STEP 3: Key Focus Areas

Now that you have your visibility and income GOALS set, it’s time to break those down even more! What KEY AREAS do you need to focus on to reach these goals? It’s time to get laser focused and take action doing the things that are going to increase your visibility and income GOALS to light.

Write down four KEY FOCUS AREAS that will support the income and visibility GOALS you have set.

Key Focus Area Example:

Visibility Goal: Create and grow my own FB group.

Key Focus Areas: 1. Create content schedule for group. 2. Go live 5x a week on business page and share group. 3. Create a mini challenge for group members only to bring in new members. 4. Share mini challenge with list, social media and in other groups.

STEP 4: Brainstorm

Now that you know your GOALS and what KEY FOCUS AREAS you need to work on to achieve them, let’s break it down even more! What are all the TASKS you’ll need to complete to achieve the goals in your KEY FOCUS AREAS?

Write them down – this will become your to-do list for the quarter and what you’ll use to plan your weekly tasks for the quarter.

Task Brainstorm Example:

Task Brainstorm: Choose group name, collect previous blogs to use for group, create daily graphics for engagement, write live topics to talk about, create outline for mini challenge, schedule time for live videos, write e-mail to list about the group and challenge, schedule posts, create graphics for the mini challenge for social, make a list of influencers that would be willing to share my challenge and/or join my group themselves, make list of people who could benefit from my new group and personally invite.

This is how you get MORE done in less time – through goal-centered focus. Remember, it’s the small steps done consistently that build BIG businesses (and results).

Ready to take risk and prosper and create/build a successful biz?

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