You’ve probably heard people talk about how they’ve created an email funnel for their online business, or how you must have an email funnel! But if you’ve just started your biz or even if you’ve had your biz for a little while, it may sound like they’re speaking French. I know it did for me and until recently I didn’t understand the importance of funnels.

But first things first let’s talk about why you need a funnel in the first place. Basically, an email funnel is a series of emails, designed to funnel people towards a specific action. The right funnel can help you connect with your audience, collect your coins and help you reach your email marketing goals. There are several funnels you can use but today I’m going to share the five most important funnels you need for your biz.


Opt-In Funnel

You want your new subscribers to quickly grow to know, like and trust you once they sign up for your freebie. Not having these emails in place means you’re missing a golden opportunity to turn a new subscriber into a client/customer. A welcome email series (5-7 emails) is a great way to introduce yourself to your tribe and showcase your expertise and why you’re the go-to for all their needs.


Onboarding Funnel

Your onboarding funnel is a series of emails that helps guide your client/customer through everything they need to know about being your client or how to access the product/service they’ve purchased. Don’t assume that people understand how to access information, where to find things or what order to do things in – use this funnel to spoon feed them.


Webinar Funnel

So, you’ve decided to do a webinar, great way to increase your brand awareness and visibility but how are your going to get people to show up?

The success or failure of your webinar relies on having this funnel and most don’t know they need it. You should advertise for at least two weeks (email & social media). Let your tribe know why they NEED to attend your webinar remember it’s all about letting them know what’s in it for them.Top of Form


Evergreen Funnel

Evergreen products are products that are ALWAYS available. When you have a product that’s always available, it can be super challenging to continuously sell it. This is where the evergreen sales funnel comes in. It will help you take a new subscriber through a series of emails to a point where you can make an offer to them. With evergreen funnels, your strategy is key you don’t want to be too aggressive.


Product Delivery Funnel

Believe it or not once someone purchases a product or service, you need a series of emails to follow-up. Don’t leave this critical opportunity to wow your new client/customer and turn them from a one-time client/customer to a repeat client/customer.


Funnels are a key element to growing your biz, but you need to have a strategy and the right copy. If you’re ready to have a funnel that will have your payment notifications poppin book a Strategy Session.