When I first became a Solopreneur one of my biggest struggles was being productive and holding myself accountable. Between social media, emails, clients and a to-do list there were numerous distractions that threatened my productivity. Thankfully, there are a variety of productivity, organization, task management and project management applications available that helped me get my ish together to run my business smoother and more efficiently. So, this week I’m sharing my ten favorite 10 tools and resources. Sharing is caring so be sure to comment below and share your fave resources or any productivity hacks or tips that you’re currently using.

If you love to read then Feedly is for you. It’s your personal feed for all content, so you don’t have to browse individual websites for stuff you want to read. You can add whatever blog or publication to the feed and it will automatically pull from those sites. You can use the browse feature to find more sources and share your feed.

Font Squirrel has free fonts you can download and use. There’s a ton of options but the site has them divided into different styles and provides a list of popular fonts.

Grammarly is a Chrome browser extension and desktop application that checks your grammar for free, so you don’t send out emails with embarrassing errors and so on

HelloSign makes it super easy to sign documents online. Its eSignatures are legally binding and it even offers an online fax service.

If you’re blogging or creating social media posts you’re going to need social media icons. Noun Project is an open source library of icons you can use for whatever suits your purpose.

Even if you’ve never made an infographic before Piktochart’s ready-made templates and library of icons will have you stepping your visual game up in a flash, and it’s FREE!

Scannable by Evernote lets you scan any document with your phone in a few seconds. All you need to do is hover over the document and it does everything for you, including cropping. After that you can send it right away via email, text or other apps you like to use.

If you need to record a presentation or send a quick tutorial, then the Soapbox browser extension is for you. All the videos are stored in your Soapbox account are easily shareable and, it’s free to use.

If you haven’t created a branded email then Wisestamp is for you. You can add a photo, social media icons and contact info. You can also create a landing page for your embedded links.

Sometimes changing my environment helps me boot my productivity and whether I’m looking for a café, coworking space or library Workfrom is my go to. You can update the listing and leave reviews/ tips. Or if you find yourself working from a space that has yet to be listed, you can register the place and become the “original scout.”

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