The only way to be successful and have a successful business is by investing in yourself (the more you know the more you earn). As an aspiring or emerging Entrepreneur 9/10 you’re operating on a shoestring budget and may not have the extra $$$ to invest in a class or coach. HOWEVER that does not mean you can’t invest in yourself. Between the internet and digital content there’s a plethora of FREE information that will help you grow and organize your biz. I know it can get overwhelming trying to shift through all the FREE info and determining what’s applicable and valuable and what’s not worth your time. Don’t worry I got you! Whether your goal for 2018 is to improve your time management, finally launch your blog, or get your Pinterest pins poppin the 5 free courses listed below will help you slay.

*Think about your goals for the next couple of weeks and ONLY sign up for the course/s that will help you achieve them. Otherwise you’ll get overwhelmed & do/ implement nothing which is a total waste of your valuable time. Repeat after me no more info hoarding, 2018 is all about learning and implementing!!!

1. [Legal Stuff] Legalize Your Blog by Jackie From Jade & Oak

Jackie breaks everything down in plain English (legal jargon is no joke) including:

  • Why you should even care about the legal side of blogging
  • How to protect your content from the internet thieves
  • Why your blog giveaway might be illegal (eep!)
  • How to protect your readers’ privacy
  • Ways to save money on taxes… and more!

To all my freelancers, coaches and online business owners have no fear Jackie has a free course just for you too! Click here  for the Legal Biz Foundation course that covers contracts, the difference between LLC and sole proprietorships and more. 

2. [Productivity for Bloggers] Master Time Management by Emily (My Adaptable Career)

Not only does Emily go over the 3 biggest productivity mistakes bloggers make but she also helps you banish overwhelm.  And I can’t forget to mention each lesson is less than 10 minutes….WINNING!

3. [Write Better] Snackable Free Writing Course by Henneke from Enchanting Marketing

This course is composed of 16 ultra-short emails with easy-to-implement tips, so you can learn how to write seductive blog posts, that’ll help you win you more raving fans and sales.

4. [PR & Media Coverage] 10-day PR Challenge by Janet Murray

Every wonder how those bloggers get those icons on their sites like featured on Fox, Huffington Post & O Magazine? In this course UK PR expert Janet Murray spills the tea and shows you the “backdoor” to getting mentioned in articles for the New York Times, Marie Claire and more even, if you’re just starting out.

5. [Pinterest]  The PINTEREST POWER 5 Day Free Course By Summer Tannhauser .

This course is an amazing mix of videos, short emails and valuable handouts. Summer gives you her exact step-by-step plan that helped her turn Pinterest into her most powerful traffic generating, email list building, and sales producing system for her business.

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