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November 2018

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7 Ways To Engage Your E-Mail List Subscribers

  • Knowing what to put in your email newsletter is as important as creating one. They say that the money is in your list, but if you don’t send out regular messages you’ll miss out on the additional income that an email newsletter can generate. It’s important not to over think each newsletter that you send out. Keep them simple, not too long, and always point the reader to something else such as something to buy, share or do. Here’s 7 ways you can engage your subscribers.Continue reading
in Business

3 Reasons You Need To Use Asana

One of best programs I learned about this year was Asana. I love to use it with my clients to help me keep track and organize tasks and projects. Founded by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and Engineer Justin Rosenstein, after they both left Facebook in 2008, Asana is a project management/task management application.  If you’re still using email and excel to manage tasks and projects, and can’t keep up with your to-do list Asana is, worth looking in to. Even though I still refuse to get rid of my Happy Planner, Continue reading