One of best programs I learned about this year was Asana. I love to use it with my clients to help me keep track and organize tasks and projects. Founded by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and Engineer Justin Rosenstein, after they both left Facebook in 2008, Asana is a project management/task management application.  If you’re still using email and excel to manage tasks and projects, and can’t keep up with your to-do list Asana is, worth looking in to. Even though I still refuse to get rid of my Happy Planner, there are three key reasons I’m crushing on this app (I can’t deny it I’m a Techie at heart). First and foremost, Asana is FREE, second it can be used directly through a web browser or its Android/App app.  Lastly in addition to it having robust features; it’s great because of its simplicity. Trust me I know you don’t have time to deal with anything that has a steep learning curve…time is money, so if you can just allocate a small amount of time to give it a try, you’ll notice how easy it is to use.

Asana makes it easy to manage multiple projects, tasks, and sub-tasks. And let me not forget to mention how easy you’ll be able to manage team members, track a task’s progress, and easily determine when a task was created, when it was assigned, and when it’s due.  Asana will also help you improve work efficiency. Time management is key when you’re a Solopreneur. It’s also bomb for streamlining projects you’re collaborating on. When you join Asana, you can invite people to join the Workspaces (which holds relevant projects and tasks).  Members of a Workspace can see all the projects and tasks in it. You can assign people to follow a task or people can voluntarily follow a task, which allows them to stay up to date on a task’s activity…say goodbye to forgetting who needs to do what and when.

If you’re ready to get organized, stay productive, and keep your biz on track be sure to check Asana out for yourself and use these 3 tips to help you do it.


1. Use Today, Upcoming & Later

Assign the label by clicking on one or more tasks and using the following keyboard shortcuts:

Today = Tab + Y

Upcoming = Tab +U

Later = Tab + L

Assigning a label will help you focus on what you need to prioritize and not become distracted or overwhelmed if your project load is heavy.

2. Create Recurring Tasks

You probably have a lot of tasks that need to occur on a regular basis, Don’t waste brain power or precious time trying to remember when to do them. With repeated tasks, when you check off the current task, a new one will be created for the interval of your choice.

3. Email Tasks To Asana

Any task-related email can be forwarded to Asana using as the forwarding email address (this is the address for all Asana users). Asana matches up the “from” email address that is tied to your Asana account and creates a new task. You can add additional “from” email addresses in your profile settings.

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