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4 Branding Terms You Need To Know!!!

If you’re thinking about starting your biz or have taken the leap of faith and hit the ground running, branding jargon may have you a little confused and wondering WTH! It seems like everyone’s throwing around the terms, brand and branding (and yes, there is a difference) brand identity, brand voice and so forth, but what do all these words even mean; continue reading to debunk their meanings Continue reading

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The Number One Business Question I Get Everyday..

I  get this question all day everyday.
Them:I want to start a business but everyone has that business.
Me: Soooooooooooooooooo!
Sooooooo what!
No one is creating something that doesn’t already exist. Even if they discover a new strain of water, they gone be able to know it’s water based on testing it against the water that already exist.

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