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Let Your Excuses Go

I’m the first to admit that doing something new makes me uneasy. I could think of 7 reasons why I didn’t have time to do it, 4 reasons why I couldn’t do it, and 26 other self-justified reasons why I hadn’t started but I ultimately realized that it was only 1 thing stopping me. Well 2, me and the excuses I let myself believe.

I realized if I wanted to start taking action I had to do something different. I had to stop allowing the excuses to keep me stagnant. In order to do that I had to shift my mindset from excuse to execution.

When an excuse pops into my head I do these 4 steps to push past it.

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5 Tips To Help You Create A Routine For Your Biz

Does this sound familiar? On more days than you can count on one hand, you feel like you’re playing catch-up all day? You start on one task, only to decide that something else is more important, so you switch to working on that instead. Or just when you find your groove, BAE calls, the kids need something, or your IG notification goes off and next thing you know you’re sharing The Shade Room new post in your group chat?  Either way the story is the same when it’s all said and done you haven’t really accomplished much.

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Selfishly seek growth in your life

I want you to promise me something. That today will be the last day you play it small.

That from this day forward you will dream big, live bigger, seek the biggest, and demand greatness in every aspect of your life. Envision your life and dreams until it seems so big it scares you. Remind yourself that you deserve the best and you’ll have it no other way. I want you to start seeking and living a life of excellence.

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3 ways Not to Allow Resentment to Become a Silent Happiness Killer

Sometimes I wonder if the reason some people are so favorable to everyone because they support others with no regard for self.  Are you someone who has a habit of trying to accommodate others even when it’s a detriment to your own plans and or schedule? Don’t get me wrong selflessness is a good attribute to have (sometimes).  However, this character trait has the ability to be a double edge sword. If one isn’t careful it is very probable he or she will begin to build resentments.  Below outlines three ways not to allow resentment to build slowly and become a silent killer of your happiness.

  1. Say No. There are times when you would like to be accommodating and quite frankly you must say no. Meeting the needs of everyone in your life and they just so happened not to carry the same trait can build resentments. Have you ever heard the saying “treat others like you want to be treated”? This is a quote that I somewhat I agree and disagree with. Many people don’t share the same kind of character traits. It’s a bad idea to look for identical treatment in return, and those do will ultimately be disappointed.
  2. Communicate your feelings. It’s reasonable to make the decision to “pick your battles”. I would challenge you though, to weigh the possible outcome. Have you ever experienced “trying to keep the peace” and not mention an aggravation you encountered and every time you turn around you continue to have the experience until you go off?  Just when you’ve had enough the other party or parties appear to be oblivious to your irritation. Picking your battles doesn’t call for you to allow people, situations and or dislikes to hold you mentally hostage.  The earlier you communicate your feelings the sooner you can deal with the situation.
  3. Tell yourself yes. Treat yourself to something nice every and then. Depending on your life situation you are obligated to many responsibilities. The thing I’ve found to be a commonality is people tend to drop the ball to their most important responsibility, themselves.  This is not to offer advice to enter into irresponsible behavior. Even if you do something small, for example, getting a manicure once or twice a month or even taking yourself for coffee or lunch. Saying yes to yourself doesn’t mean you have to break the bank.  This practice gives you a sense of satisfaction for all the hard work and good you do.

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Selfishly Push Yourself

Ladies, it’s almost the end of January and I want to know how you’re doing on your goals? If all you’ve done is write them down in your pretty notebook, I need to get pull it back out. You need to get clear on what goals you really are going to be committed to actually accomplishing. We all know about setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Result focused, and Time-bound) goals. But are you giving yourself too much time?

I had to push my goals into overdrive because I realized I would write my to-do list for the week, then do the majority of them Thursday & Friday. I have no clue what I was doing those other days, but it wasn’t productive and I was wasting time. Time, that I kept saying I didn’t have.

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Selfishly add your name to these 3 lists

With Christmas upon you, if you’re anything like me, you’re probably more on the naughty list than the nice list. So I created my own list, remember this is a no judgment zone, lol. I want to share a few VIP lists you need to add yourself to. I want you to selfishly add your name to make sure you’re on the receiving end of gifts, growth, and development.


3 lists you want to make sure your name is on:

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3 Key Reasons to Forgive Even Without the Apology You May Never Receive

Most people would agree that when a person has wronged someone he or she should render an apology. This very popular opinion, however, is not always the case.  To be quite frank, many times the offender will never apologize for whatever reason. Consider these reasons as a motivation to forgive even if you never receive an apology.

Forgiveness is not intended to release the offender its purpose is to free the offended. Oftentimes we believe if we forgive we are forgiving the hurtful act.  This is not true, forgiveness in many cases can be used as a tool to regain your mental power in an effort not to be held hostage by the issue.

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The Number One Business Question I Get Everyday..

I  get this question all day everyday.
Them:I want to start a business but everyone has that business.
Me: Soooooooooooooooooo!
Sooooooo what!
No one is creating something that doesn’t already exist. Even if they discover a new strain of water, they gone be able to know it’s water based on testing it against the water that already exist.

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How to Make Your No Mean No in 3 Simple Steps

Many of us spend an enormous amount of time accommodating others. Whether in a career, business or personal setting, adhering to the needs and or desires of others can be draining.  Close friends and family members (you know the people who we are the closest to) are those that weigh heaviest on us.  In caring for elderly parents, children, significant others etc., we often find ourselves in a yes cycle even when our mouths say no. There are also oftentimes when we feel no is not an option due to our responsibilities.  Here are 3 simple steps to your guilt-free and stable no.

Set Healthy Boundaries

Setting healthy boundaries includes considering your daily routine and responsibilities.  For example: Let’s say you decide every Wednesday at 3:00 pm you are going to read for an hour. However, you didn’t consider your children usually arrive home at 3:15 daily, you have set an unhealthy boundary. Most likely you will find yourself full of aggravation when the children don’t adhere to your boundary.

Communicate Boundaries

Communicate plans with those who will be directly affected. You want to be sure to talk to your co-workers, team members, friends, and family. Lack of communication offers people the ability utilize “I didn’t know” as an excuse disturb your boundary.  If you set a boundary that’s not common knowledge for those who will be affected the boundary is unhealthy.

Implement and Enforce Boundaries

Implementing boundaries include having a strategic plan for how the boundaries will work with the multiple settings in your life. This means you have to ensure your responsibilities are able to function without you during the period you set-aside for your boundary. For instance, if you are a manager and you decide to have an administrative day where your office is closed to seeing people (employees, clients, etc.), it is imperative you have properly prepared Monday and Tuesday.  Enforcing boundaries can be difficult at first. Oftentimes the struggle is mostly because you are overly accommodating and available for others. If and when you are asked to compromise you your boundary you must remain strong and consistent in your NO.


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“I Am My Only Competition” Said No Smart Business Person.. Ever!

Good business people make good business decisions most of the time. “I am my only competition” is what no one who runs business should say. Last time I checked, no one is creating anything that doesn’t already exist in some shape, form, or fashion.
Email is the same thing as mailing a letter as in Instagram is the same thing as scrapbooking. We use to drink water out of the faucet, now we drink it out the bottle. Nothing is created from scratch but everything is reinventing the wheel.

If you’re in business you have competition.
Google search engine competition is Bing and Yahoo.
The Waldorf competition is the Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton.
Sprint competition is T-Mobile and Verizon.
iPhone competition is Samsung.
Dells competition is HP so please miss me with “I don’t have competition” speech.
You can rephrase it and say “Motel 6 is not the competition of the Waldorf” which would be a true statement. Both are hotels but they serve a different caliber of clientele.
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