Meet the Team

Meet Danielle

Danielle is an International Marketing Strategist.

She has experience with working with big box brands such as L’Oreal, Mizani, and Coca Cola working in sales and marketing departments. Her expertise lies in marketing strategies as well as vlogging, traveling, and seizing the moment to find partnerships in every opportunity.

Fun facts about Danielle:

  • She’s a history fanatic.
  • She kissed a kangaroo.
  • She snuck into a super bowl MVP section once.

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Meet Dominique

Dominique is a Relationship Compatibility Curator whose an expert in sex, dating, and relationships.

Her practical yet “straight to the point” is what sets her apart from the rest.

Fun facts about Dominique:

  • She loves “Chicago Style” stepping.
  • Martin is her favorite TV sitcom.
  • She’s an undefeated UNO champion.


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Meet Takisha

Takisha is a Lifestyle Influencer who focuses on personal development. She uses her experience and what she has seen others experience to empower women to take action to create a life of freedom on their own terms.

Fun facts about Takisha:

  • She loves rachet TV.
  • She loves steamy romance novels.
  • She’s addicted to food videos but she hates to cook.


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Meet Pamela

Pamela is an Emotional Wellness Coach that has an adamant passion for inspiring emotionally injured individuals and troubled youth to improve their current circumstances. Pamela uses her tough and devastating past experiences to help people come to know that they can live a happy life no matter the episodes they have encountered in their past

Fun facts about Pamela:

  • She loves roller skating.
  • She loves the thrill of riding roller coasters.
  • She started a lipstick collection.


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Meet Edith

Edith is a Branding Curator. She works with aspiring and emerging Entrepreneurs helping them to find their brand voice and increase their brands awareness and visibility. Edith encourages and supports her clients to T.R.A.P (take risk and prosper) while helping them develop and monetize their passions by providing them with the resources and tools needed to create a clear and concise vision, and put it to work.

Fun facts about Edith:

  • She’s a techy that loves sci fi.
  • She’s obsessed with Starbucks.
  • She wants to be an actor.


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Meet Alicia

Alicia is a Finance Strategist that is passionate about providing financial education and guidance to individuals and their families so that they may have financial peace. She is adamant about giving the tools needed to assist with restoring and protecting your most valuable asset…  your credit.

Fun facts about Alicia:

  • She loves to fish.
  • She is a die hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan.
  • She’s obsessed with old school cars.


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Meet Dana

Dana Brown is a Branding and Visual Strategist.

She uses her five years of branding and marketing experience to connect the disconnected dots between the business owner their brand which is needed in order to align them with their ideal clients. She will partner with you to define your brand identity, increase your overall brand visibility and boost your audience engagement which as a result will give you the resources needed to grow and monetize your brand.

Fun facts about Dana:

  • She loves all things social media.
  • She is addicted to candles.
  • She likes to binge watch shows on Netflix.


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